Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall Catalog of New Designs

New Looks from
Fall 2014
  Chunky metallic gray aluminum link necklaces with stone and metal components: carnelian, African clay bead, fluted pewter with sterling overlay, vintage turquoise, recycled Paris metals - each strand @ $350; can be worn doubled as shown or long; each strand stands alone as well.
Lagenlook means “layered look” in German, and has been a popular way of dressing in Europe for some time.  Applied to jewelry, here's how it might look. Various strands composed of metal aluminum chain, Paris metals chain and accent pieces, unusual white freshwater and baroque pearls.  Each strand designed to be worn alone or combined with other necklaces you already own. Prices range from $60 - 125.
 All surprisingly lightweight.
 Paris Metals pieces with aluminum chain and gray freshwater pearls necklace, $100; Cascading gray pearl pendant with a couple of surprise touches of red, $110.
 Brand new from buying trip in Tucson at the Fall Gem Show: Giant white and dark pink baroque pearls, $198; pink druzy pendant, one only, $50.
 Paris Metals components with gunmetal aluminum handmade chain, white shell pearls, $180.  A great stand alone necklace or layers well with colorful strands.
 Another new creation from Tucson buying trip: Very large black baroque pearls with the dark pink baroque pearls, $285. Shown with tin milagro heart, $15.
 Paris Metals accent pieces with gray pearls, black rubber, metallic gray handmade chain, can look different every time you wear it, $100.
Bottom necklace: Paris Metals chain and accents with metallic gray handmade aluminum chain, 31" and can be worn at several different lengths, $180.
Top necklace: Paris Metals accent with gunmetal handmade aluminum chain, gray-blue freshwater pearls and cobalt blue rubber, $150.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Heart Collection 2014

2014 Heart Collection
Email to purchase or inquire about other pieces in the collection.